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Not So Extreme Makeover: Community Edition

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URL: (no longer active - archived here)
(NOTE: Links to NSXapp pages that no longer are active are directed here; if you came here from clicking a link on the archived site, that’s why.)

In January 2008, a few members of Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico had an idea. The ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition had just done a build for a pastor in the “war zone” area of town, and this brought attention to Gerald Martinez and the work he had done to help clean up this area of town. Through Love INC of South Albuquerque, they learned that there were many other homes in that area that could use the “Ty Pennington touch.” While the goal was not to knock down homes and build new ones, the goal was no less extreme. The goal of the “Not So Extreme Makeover: Community Edition” was to help 50 families in 5 days during spring break week in 2008. From an idea in January to 57 families helped by March 29th, it was an amazing whirlwind.

What We Did - The call went out for the need for “everything from carpenters to computer nerds,” and Daniel thought, “Hey, I’m a computer nerd!” We obtained the domain name and stood up the public website quickly using WordPress, which also allowed the coordinators to put content up. We next began developing an application (NSXapp) where volunteers could sign up for “X Week”, with over 80 different skill, talent, and ability categories. We then created a way to identify families and their needs, and a place for people with donations to let us know what they would be. From there, we created the ability to begin matching needs with goods (stuff) and abilities (people), organizing the stuff into donated trailers and people into teams. During X Week, we generated schedules and reports that were used to track the execution of the project.

After we recovered, Love INC expressed an interest in a version that would allow them to handle these same areas on an ongoing basis; this was the genesis of TCMS.

What We Still Do - NSXapp was officially decommissioned in 2012. (It still exists in archived form, if a need arises to use it again.) The NSX public site remains, in archived form, as a record of what happened those three months in 2008.


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