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DJS Consulting can develop an interactive web application to fit almost any need. View the complete list of our current web sites and applications!

Information-Driven Process Automation

Computers can be used to automate almost any information-driven process. Online bank statements, mailing lists, and order tracking are all processes that can benefit from automation. We can develop web-based solutions, that can be deployed either on an intranet or the Internet, to automate these types of processes. We work to understand your process, then build solutions that help get you the information you need, so that you can spend less of your time finding information and more time doing. We also capture as many of the rules around your processes, and make the automated solution work to guide the users towards a higher-quality end product.

Several of our projects fit this description.

Information Publicizing (including WordPress)

At one point, the Internet was called the “information superhighway;” we are now at a point where Internet connectivity is assumed. At its core, it is still about information. Our solutions give your information its driver’s license, so it can be on the highway too! (Tortured analogies are billed separately.) Of course, one of the great benefits of the Internet is that you do not need a license to put your information there; there are many platforms where the only technical skill you need is the ability to type text in a box. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in use today; it allows authors to concentrate on the content of their websites, rather than forcing authors to turn into programmers.

Custom-Built Sites

WordPress Design, Customization, and Support

On our tech blog you can browse the WordPress category for information on plug-ins, and you’ll find that the themes on all of the WordPress blogs linked on the right have been customized.

Web Services

A web service is a way of using the Internet to provide or accept information that makes sense to computers; this allows other sites or applications to consume information from, or provide information to, your service. This enables communication between applications, without having to establish any communication channels other than the ones that web browsers already use. It isn’t the best fit for every application, but when it is useful, it is very useful.

Photography by Michelle has a web service that a desktop application utilizes to create the online proof sets right from the computer where the images reside. We also wrote a service for the 2010 40/40 Prayer Vigil, which was utilized by several sites to display the current day’s (or hour’s) prayer focus, and wrote one for 2012 as well. (As the ERLC does not host these any more, this service is no longer active.)

Legacy Data Sharing

Our background in mainframe applications gives us a knowledgeable perspective on retrieving information from older, “legacy” systems. This data can be migrated to a more modern relational or document database, where a web application can retrieve the information; in some cases, the data can even be exposed as a web service in place. These types of systems are often a great way for companies to expose their data to their customers, without having to move their day-to-day system from its current environment. While we currently have no active projects along these lines, our developers have done them in the past for other organizations; sadly, none can be linked publicly.

Why Web-Based?

Developing a web-based solution has many advantages, whether that application can be used just on a local, private network (an intranet), or on the Internet.

We’d be happy to discuss your information technology needs, and how we may be able to help you. Just e-mail us and let us know what we can do for you!