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The DJS Consulting Tech Blog grew from Daniel’s personal experience with learning and using the Linux operating system. His first experience with blogging used this very theme, but consisted of pages that had to be edited every time a new post was made. The initial posts were titled “My Linux Adventure,” and existed as a copy of this home-grown blog. The DJS Consulting Tech Blog has that, plus tech tips regarding many different computer products. It covers web servers, databases, programming languages (a lot of PHP), and open-source software. DJS Consulting also hosts 64-bit RPM builds of xine, a Linux multimedia player, and the tech blog, via the RSS feed for that category, can deliver notices of updated versions directly to subscribed users. Finally, it also contains notices of new versions of DJS Consulting-developed WordPress plug-ins (“Daniel’s Dropdowns” (inactive, as its functionality is now part of the WordPress core) and “HCSB Verse of the Day (Plus)”).

The original theme, “Almost Spring,” started as a pastel green and orange theme for WordPress. However, it was customized to match the original look and feel of those initial static pages that served as the blog from 2004-2006, and was converted to a BlogEngine.NET theme when we changed blogging platforms. When we went back to WordPress, we changed to a simple theme called “Mantra,” which has unobtrusive social media integration.


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