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The Clearinghouse Management System

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The TCMS motto, “Putting People Over Paperwork,” sums up the mission of this system. To successfully run a needs clearinghouse, such as those run by Love INC affiliates, there is a lot of paperwork involved. Clients must be tracked, along with their needs; these needs must be verified; resources for goods and services must be known; volunteers must be known and sent communications to keep them involved. All of this adds up to a significant recordkeeping (i.e., paperwork) burden.

TCMS addresses these issues by providing a repository for all clearinghouse operation needs. It can eliminate duplication of work, as well as link clients with goods and services. It also provides the means to communicate with volunteers, either en masse or using selective criteria. This allows the recordkeeping requirement to be smaller and quicker, giving more time for the actual helping of clients. It uses WordPress for its front end; this can provide organizations with a web presence that they can maintain without having to employ a web guru, using WordPress’s WYSIWYG editor and management tools.

TCMS was decommissioned in 2014.


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