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Years ago, Daniel was responsible for keeping up with prayer requests for his Sunday School class. To help him keep up with requests, automatically drop requests that were old, and track long-term requests, he wrote a custom app made up of a few pages. Over time, he added security mechanisms and other options, arriving at the site that exists today. It is provided free for the asking to any church, Sunday School class, or small group that desires a tool to help them establish a continuous list of prayer requests.

What We Did (2005) – Created the original site using PHP, storing the data in a MySQL database.

What We Did (2011) – We rewrote this application using ASP MVC 3 backed by a PostgreSQL database, building the security additions from the ground up, and posturing it for an interface with Virtual Prayer Room.

What We Did (2012) – In April 2012, version 4.0 was released with support for Spanish - our first multi-lingual application!

What We Still Do – Host and maintain this application.


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