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Cassy Fiano

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Cassy Fiano (now Cassy Chesser) began blogging back in 2007 on Blogger. She worked hard to network with other bloggers, and wrote prolifically. As she approached the end of her first year of blogging, she was about to outgrow Blogger. She asked in a blog post if anyone had experience with Movable Type, the platform used by another blog to which she contributed. I replied that I did not, but that I had experience with WordPress.

What We Did (2008) – We assisted her with finding a theme, and customized that theme to contain the same sidebar elements as her current Blogger theme. We modified her old Blogger template to send people to her new blog (using redirection) after displaying a note that the blog had moved.

What We Did (2012) – In July 2012, we began hosting the site, as well as continuing support for theme updates. This joined her military wife blog Hard Corps Wife, which we had begun hosting in mid-2011.

What We Still Do – Cassy formally decommissioned this site in early 2014.


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